ECG Fitting

Modern heart rate monitor in operating room
nurse holding ECG leads in a clinical setting

What is ECG?

Electrocardiogram fitting is a test to record the electrical signals in the heart. It shows how the heart is beating. Sticky patches called electrodes are placed on the chest, and wires connect the patches to a small recording device. The device is fitted for anything between 1 day (24 hours) and 1 week. 

An appointment is agreed upon with the patient to attend one of our 3 clinics following a referral made by your GP Surgery.

The device will be fitted, with a detailed explanation of what you can and cannot do. If the device is being fitted for longer than 24 hours, additional sticky patches are given to you with instructions on where to fit them.

The device is removed by the patient and returned to the clinic where it was fitted. The recording of the ECG is uploaded and sent to secondary care cardiologists who will inform your GP Surgery.