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Founded in 2014, GP Primary Choice was formed as a limited company with all 32 GP surgeries as shareholders, allowing the directive of the company to be wholly down to those who it affects.

Vision, mission, values and aims

  • Vision: 
    • Making Primary Care the Primary Choice in North East Essex
  • Values: 
    • Locally run to meet local needs;
    • Securing quality for our patients;
    • Trusted and based on patient preference;
    • Sustainable and viable
  • Aims: 
    • Supporting Primary Care to be sustainable
    • To reduce Health Inequalities
    • To improve access to services within the local communities

Vision and Formation of GP Primary Choice (GPPC) Ltd

The vision of GPPC continues to be that of supporting primary care to be sustainable and at the core of NHS services, which given the continued growing financial and demand pressure within the health and care system, is needed more than ever.

GP Primary Choice (GPPC) Ltd was formed in 2014 in response to the significant challenges facing North East Essex locality GP Practices. The introduction of the open market reduced public finances, and the aspiration of North East Essex CCG (now known as the Integrated Care Board – ICB) to outsource its out-of-hospital services, presented both a threat and opportunity to primary care in North East Essex. Of the original 38 GP practices in North East Essex, 32 are members today due to closures and merging practices.

Achievements and Growth of GPPC

Since its formation, the company has achieved several its original objectives, which included securing several Primary Enhanced services (PES). This includes 10 services all carried out within Primary Care. The current contract expires in October 2026. 

Following a change in our CQC registration two years ago GPPC now deliver clinical services as well as subcontracting to all 32 GP practices. GPPC has continued to grow, having doubled the number of employees over the last 24 months and increasing its portfolio of services delivered. We have been successful in delivering some exciting pilots, commissioned by the ICB, to support prevention, particularly in the early detection of cancer. 

We continue to be at the forefront of delivering pilots within North East Essex on behalf of NHS England and the commissioners with outstanding results. GPPC will continue to be a proactive member of the Integrated Care Board & Integrated Care Partnership (ICB/ICP) as well as the Health & Wellbeing Boards and will ensure the voice of primary care is firmly heard. 

Collaboration and Future Opportunities

GP practices are in a unique position in that they are the core part of the NHS and have the most contact with the population.  As the implementation of the NHSE Five Year Forward View, Fuller report and the ICB continues there will be opportunities to deliver population health requirements which practices, and their population data will be best placed to deliver and GPPC will be in the position as their federation to help and assist.

GPPC has recently signed a collaboration agreement with our colleagues in Suffolk GP Fed to ensure services that can be delivered at scale are shared and that we work collaboratively. Regular monthly meetings are held with both Feds, LMC, SNEE Alliance Medical Directors and representatives from NEE, Suffolk and West Suffolk.

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